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9_2016 TrailRunner

TrailRunner Magazine Photoshoot:


Article in September 2016 TrailRunner Magazine:

When thinking about what went into the September 2016 TrailRunner Magazine Article "Release," I'm truly humbled. Paul Cuno-Booth did a spectacular job flying into NYC from Colorado solely to get to

know me and obtain an authentic perspective for the article. It's still hard for me to accept that my story isworthy of such recognition, but some may find that it is. I hope you enjoy.   

By: Paul Cuno_Booth

Photography: Christopher Beauchamp

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The Athletologist Podcast was another ridiculously humbling experience. The Podcast Director Tyler was an incredibly nice person and I'm still very much moved by what he wrote about me. If you have the time and are interested in a good listening experience, please click below and listen. If you enjoy the podcast, please take the time give the Athletologist Podcast a good review on iTunes. 

I don't know what to say about Kahlil other than he survived. He survived everything the world could throw at him. In fact, that wasn't enough for him. He decided to create his own chaos to survive.  Not only did he survive, he now thrives and is an inspiration. 

I became aware of Kahlil When Trail Runner Magazine ran a story about him in the September 2016 issue. The second I started reading his story I wanted it to have a happy ending. I had never met this person but I felt pride in him. I felt pride in being a part of his tribe. 

I thought a lot about why I felt that way and here is what I landed on. Regardless of background, runner's all have experienced the same pain. Running is the great equalizer and because of that, runner's are a tribe. if you say nothing else of runners, we are supportive of one another. 

Kahlil's father was  incarcerated when he was at a developing age. Like many kids in his shoes, the chip on his shoulder was pretty big.  Kahlil found comfort and passion in Skateboarding but at that time in America, Skating was branded as counter culture. Kahlil was branded as the bad kid. He embraced that and set out to prove them right. After getting involved in gangs and drugs Kahlil found him self bouncing in and out of the criminal justice system.

He ended up working at a brokerage firm across the street from the World Trade Center. He says that being a pot head saved his life on 9/11. After 9/11, he lost his Job at the brokerage firm. He soon identified an untapped market and started his own business. A Weed business in the financial district of NYC. 

After a spending some time in Jail, his Weed business dried up and Kahlil got into high end burglaries. Needless to say, Kahlil found his way to prison. Prison is where Kahlil found Running. Kahlil saved himself in prison with the help running. 

Talking to Kahlil was important to me. In my career as a police officer I caught a young man in the act of a home burglary. That young man got a very similar sentence as Kahlil did. I think about that young man a lot and I feel bad for him. Not to say that he was innocent because he wasn't. I feel bad because he was a good kid who made  a very dumb choice. I wanted to to talk to someone who had made those same choices and survived them. I feel some closure about that case after having talked to Kahlil. I don't think I'll ever find out what happened to that young man but because of Kahlil I know redemption is possible. I know that Kahlil is proof that you can survive and thrive after bad choices.

                                                                                                                                             --Tyler Bruesewitz

9_2016 TrailRunner
9_2016 TrailRunner
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9_2016 TrailRunner